Geek Girls Night Out is, first and foremost, a safe space for women, both physically at events and on the internet. We want members to feel free, even encouraged, to discuss difficult topics without being subjected to harassment.

Therefore, this site will be heavily moderated and rules will be strictly enforced. Multiple or egregious violations will result in suspension or cancellation of your user account.

All-encompassing Rules

  1. Anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman (or as a man is a man, etc.). Anyone who identifies as a geek or nerd is a geek or nerd. These are not to be questioned.
  2. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of gender, as long as you play by the rules.
  3. No personal attacks against any members or volunteers.
  4. No victim-blaming, slut-shaming, or bullying.
  5. No harassment of any kind.

Site Rules

  1. No trolling under any circumstances. Debate and even productive arguments are encouraged, but stick to the topic at hand. Moderators will be watching for purposeful derailments and everything on the above list.
  2. No feeding of the trolls (i.e., don’t respond to any trolling posts that might slip through). Just flag the offending comments or posts and the moderators will take care of things.
  3. Blog comments will be manually moderated for approval. Please do not post multiple times if your post does not appear quickly, we’re all real humans doing this in our free time for no money.
  4. Forum posts will be posted in real-time but there will be moderators looking for any posts that violate these policies. If you see a post that violates any rules, please flag it to speed up the process. If you feel it is an egregious violation, please take a screen cap immediately and contact us.
  5. Certain posts or threads may have additional rules added just for them due to the sensitivity of the subjects or comments may be closed entirely. Announcements will be posted along with the post (on the blog) or added to the first post or a sticky on a thread (in the forum).
  6. No spam allowed. Mentioning or linking to your work or hobbies once in a while is fine if you are a real, human user and it’s the right context, but if we see a pattern of over-promotion and topic derailment for the purpose of promotion developing we will send you a warning and if it continues we will suspend and/or disable your account. This is solely at the discretion of this site’s moderators. If you’d like your work featured on the site, contact us for consideration. Linking to your site in your profile is another great way to make it easy for other interested users to check it out without annoying anyone.
  7. Known spammers and sploggers will automatically be deleted.
  8. Groups created by users will be reviewed and groups by spammers/sploggers will be deleted. Groups that repeatedly violate any of the rules of this site may also be deleted (this will not affect user accounts of members of the group who have not committed any offenses).
  9. Abuse of the private messaging system and/or private chat on this site is absolutely forbidden. If you feel that another user is harassing, abusing, cyberstalking, or otherwise harming you via this website, please take a screen cap of the offensive message(s) and contact us immediately.
  10. If a member chooses to be anonymous on this website, no one else may post identifying information to reveal that member’s identity. In addition, posting of anyone’s real name, contact information, or social media accounts but your own or in any way enabling unwanted contact is strictly forbidden. Anyone who reveals such information on this site will have their account immediately disabled. There will be no exceptions.
  11. If you suspect someone on this site is attempting to defraud or otherwise harm members of this site, please contact us rather than calling them out in public or on the forums, per Rule 8 above.
  12. If you are posting about sexual harassment, abuse, rape, or other harmful experiences, always begin with a trigger warning and/or put it in the heading of your forum posts.
  13. If you are posting about recent entertainment (movies, books, TV shows, etc.), always begin with a spoiler alert and/or put it in the heading of your forum posts.

Live Event Rules

  1. Treat all participants, speakers, moderators, presenters, and/or performers with respect.
  2. By coming to any event you are agreeing to be photographed, recorded on video and/or audio, and have the media shared by participants and by Geek Girls Night Out.
  3. If anyone violates our All-encompassing Rules above at a live event, s/he will have to leave the event immediately.
  4. These are not gatherings of people who are looking to be hit on. There are plenty of events and places for that. If you happen to meet someone you might be genuinely interested in and maybe it might even be reciprocated? Cool, but please refrain from acting on it during our event. We will take any complaints in this area seriously and multiple or egregious violations will make any offender unwelcome at current or future events.

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