Why Geek “Girls”?

Well, for starters, check out the story of how this idea came about.

We understand that the use of “girls” can be considered infantilizing, but we hope it’s obvious that we do not mean it that way, considering the point of the site.

Obviously, consonance is cool and Geek Girls has a ring to it. “Geek Women’s Night Out” would be the most PC, but it sounds… way too serious. Or something. “Ladies’ Night” traditionally has a ring to it of nights where women are lured in by cheap covers and drinks so they can, in turn, lure men in at full price. That is the opposite of the kind of events we want here. “Girls’ Night Out” is the accepted name for a night where women get together to enjoy each other’s company and talk about their lives and interests (at least in the United States), and thus, it fits.


This community is by women and primarily for women, specifically women who identify as geeks and/or nerds.

Men and less-geeky women are welcome to participate, but be aware that this is specifically a safe space for female geeks to discuss issues, including sensitive ones. Trolling, slut-shaming, misogynist comments, personal attacks, and the like will not be tolerated at any time regardless of the gender of the writer.

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