Geek Girls Night Out is a new community for female geeks, both online and in “real” life.

Nights Out

The heart of this site, these are exactly what the name suggests.

Nights Out can take various forms, from casual gatherings just to meet new people and have some fun, to lectures on specific topics, to BarCamp-style unconferences that explore various topics, to performances or art shows, even to participating in third-party events (movies, lectures, concerts, etc.) as a group. Explore, play, have some fun figuring out what works for your area. We encourage all planners and participants to share their experiences so everyone can learn from each other and make our events even better!

Nights In

Coming soon!

For those who live in far-flung areas, prefer to connect online, or just want to get a chance to hang out with geographically-challenging people, Nights In can be chats, interactive broadcasts, or other online-only scheduled events.

Always On

The site is designed for facilitating the above, but it’s also a place to meet people and read (hopefully) interesting posts on a variety of topics. The members-only forums are a great place to discuss whatever is on your mind.

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